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We value your business!! Actúa DMC promotes best practices to support sustainable tourism, friendly activities with nature and our local communities. Actúa DMC respects “Mother Nature” and believes in animal’s right to be free! Actúa DMC rejects any animal involved activity that creates distress or conditions for pain due to human fashion.

President: Silvia Salazar

Vice President: Daniel Zeceña

Event Planner: Angela Barquero

Logistics Manager: Nelsie Alfaro

Special Group Planner: Alexandra Chanto



San Jose: 011 (506) 2289 0303
Guanacaste: 011 (506) 4702 8952


Spazio Ejecutivo
Escazú, 100 m Oeste del Centro Comercial Paco,
San Jose, Costa Rica

Solarium, Guanacaste, Costa Rica